Friday, April 9, 2010

Surround yourself with what you love....

I have surprisingly been able to spend my money on other items besides clothing and accessories right now. My new thing for the moment is buying things for my room. I feel that your room should reflect on who you are inside and out. I always remember when my family and i would go to peoples houses i would love going on house tours. I would always find myself associating what their room looked like to what they like and love in life.
I took a simple picture board and pinned up my everyday necklaces to make them easier to pick out.This is the newest necklace holder my mom and i made. We got this framed bulletin board, then bought a velvet red sheet from Michaels and glued it on. Next thing you know you have a necklace holder. :)I love keeping my jewelry now where I can see it. It also helps me create thoughts for my outfits.
I was organizing my jewelry one day and didn't have room in my containers for these earrings so i just started hanging them from my perfume container. Ended up looking cute.

This is my newest jewelry holder. My new excitement now is shopping to fill it up.
I have found myself being drawn to owl necklaces. I love them. I am now know at work as "the girl with the owls." lol. Bring your passion into your room. Be creative and make things out of the simplest gadgets. Besitos to all <3>


  1. We have the cutest Owl necklace on sale in BP you have to get it. Im so glad you're blogging!

  2. Ill be there thursday to check it out since im off tuesday.. Thanks for the heads up girlie :)